No frills. No fuss. No fees.

(But just about everything else.)



Maybe you’re furnishing a commercial kitchen.
Or running a catering business. Or just stocking your icebox at home.
Whatever you’re looking for, odds are, you’ll find it at Lit.

When you come to Lit, you never know what you’ll find.

From spatulas and stockpots to freezers and fryers
to condiments and carryout containers.


Kitchen gadgets? Got ‘em by the pallet. Spices? Check. Frilly toothpicks? Yep, got those too. And whatever you buy, you’ll leave knowing you got it all for the lowest prices around. No membership fees, discount cards, or secret handshakes required.

At Lit, it doesn’t matter whether you are a typical household or the largest restaurant, school, church, or caterer in town — you will all receive the same pledge from Lit — to treat every customer equally, fairly and with the best pricing available to us.
— Lester Lit