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About Us – Lit Restaurant Supply

Seventy years is a good long time.

Some might say it’s long enough to become an institution. And a lot of people would say that about Lit. We’ve been around since 1948 when Irvin B. Lit opened the first location at the corner of Main and Vance.

Focused at first on supplying small grocery stores with equipment and supplies, Irvin Lit was one of the only restaurant suppliers around who would take a chance on small mom-and-pop stores who didn’t have the credit to buy what they needed. To help them out, he implemented a meter system that provided customers a “pay-as-you-go” option. The meters accepted partial payments, so instead of one big chunk of change every month, customers could pay a little each day or week.

Since those early days, we’ve moved, grown, and evolved. But we’re still sticking up for the little guys, never requiring a membership or minimum purchase – because above all: we believe in fair pricing for everyone, no matter who you are.