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Commercial Kitchen Supplies

At Lit Restaurant Supply, we Carry All the Kitchen Supply Products You Need for Your Commercial Restaurant Kitchen.

Household shoppers welcome.

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We suggest you visit us in person to see for yourself. Below are some photos from our Flagship store located on Austin Peay.

Just some of the kitchen Supplies you might find during your visit.

      • Bain Marie Pots and Vegetable Insets

      • Baking Dishes

      • Baking Supplies

      • Bartending Supplies

      • Business Supplies

      • Can & Bottle Opener

      • Cast Iron Cookware

      • Chafer & Chafing Dish

      • Check Minder

      • Chef Hats & Uniforms

      • Coffee Decanters

      • Commercial Food Storage Containers

      • Condiment Dispensers and Fillers

      • Cookware

      • Cutting Board

      • Cutting Boards

      • Dispensers & Caddies

      • Ethnic Cooking / Serving Supplies

      • Food Consumables

      • Food Preparation Supplies

      • Food Safety Products

      • Food Safety Supplies

      • Food Wrap Cutters and Holders

      • Gloves, Aprons, & Towels

      • Hotel Pans & Food Pans

      • Kitchen Brush

      • Kitchen Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies

      • Kitchen Essentials

      • Kitchen Knives

      • Kitchen Timer & Food Thermometer

      • Kitchen Tools

      • Kitchen Utensils

      • Restaurant Food Serving Baskets

      • Signage

      • Trays & Accessories

    • Wine Service Supplies


Visit us today to see all this and more for yourself!