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Our Policies

Lit Policies

No membership fees

All our locations are open to the public.

Equal pricing

Everybody pays the same low prices. We don’t bargain or play games. We do offer a case discount on some items. Those prices are posted and available to everyone.

Payment types

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and EBT.

Returns accepted

We’ll give you a full refund if

1)  you present your Lit proof of purchase


2)  we can still sell the returned item as new.

Please note, if it’s a special-order item, it’s subject to re-stocking fees.

Will call offered

We’re willing to pull your orders in advance of pick-up if

1)  the order is for cases only, and consists of at least 10 cases

2)  you’re on file with us


3)  you faxed your order 24 hours before you want to pick it up.

Non-Profit Sales Tax Exemptions

We honor Tennessee sales tax exemptions for nonprofit organizations if

1)  we have your current Tennessee Tax Exempt Certificate on file


2)  you’re paying with a check, credit card, or charge account that matches the name on your Tax Exempt Certificate.

Resale Sales Tax Exemptions

We honor sales tax exemptions for items that businesses buy for resale if

1)  we have a current Resale Certificate on file for your business


2)  you sign a copy of your receipt declaring that you’re purchasing the tax-exempted items for resale.