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According to the National Restaurant Industry, eight in ten restaurant owners started their industry careers at entry-level positions. Chances are that you already have an inkling of the different types of equipment you need to run your new cafeteria or restaurant.

The type of restaurant supplies you pick can make or break your business. They can affect your workflow, service quality, and safety compliance. Before tackling your commercial kitchen equipment list, here are five crucial factors to keep in mind.

1. Energy Efficiency

Most commercial kitchen appliances are highly energy-intensive. Restaurant equipment typically uses twice as much energy as the average commercial building, six times as much as their domestic models. Choosing energy-efficient commercial kitchen equipment will not only help reduce your carbon footprint but also provide you with significant financial savings. The US Department of Energy estimates that restaurant owners can save up to 25% of their power bill by opting for appliances with an energy star rating.

2. Quality

Commercial kitchens are ever busy, with some running for hours on end. You may need to find restaurant supplies that can handle the rigors of daily use. Do you wish to have new or used restaurant equipment? For new appliances, check the brand and model type.

You may need to verify the age, present condition, and past use of the used restaurant supplies before buying. Whether new or refurbished, the appliances should be made of genuine commercial-grade materials that will provide an extended service life. Be sure to inspect the commercial kitchen equipment for any physical or functional flaws.

3. Size

The design of your commercial kitchen may have a huge influence on your workflow efficiency. You may need to find restaurant supplies that will sit perfectly within the set dimensions of your space. It can be frustrating to find out that your commercial oven may not fit within your floor plan. Be sure to take out your tape measure before heading over to the restaurant supply store in Memphis.

4. Ease of Use and Maintenance

Restaurants have one of the highest staff turnover rates of any industry. The commercial kitchen equipment that you pick ought to be easy to learn and use. You should consider ergonomics, ease of cleaning, and storage options. The technological features should be user-friendly, making it easier to operate the equipment.

You may also need to consider the procedures required to clean the equipment to maintain sanitary standards within your food preparation area. Check out the NSF symbol to indicate that the equipment meets the food safety standards. Warranties on the different appliances are excellent in reducing the cost of maintenance and repair.

5. Costs

Commercial kitchen equipment can gobble up a huge chunk of your starting capital. You may need to sort out the most important restaurant supplies and source them first. However, you should not compromise on quality, as it may prove costly in the long term. Do not fret about picking out high-grade kitchenware for your restaurant that can help sustain your food quality and cleanliness.

Picking commercial kitchen equipment for your restaurant can be a hectic process. Take time to choose the right supplies and avoid errors that would burn your fingers. Lit Restaurant Supply can help you select the appliances that will set you up for success in the food industry.