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When you buy used restaurant equipment you will want to find a reputable dealer, look for cleanliness, certification labels, check for warranties, and test the equipment before buying. These are all important tips for buying used restaurant equipment that works well. Used equipment can work well when it is properly maintained and cared for. If you own a restaurant or foodservice business, you will want to find reliable equipment that will help your business succeed.

Find A Reputable Restaurant Equipment Dealer

Finding a reputable restaurant equipment dealer in your area that sells reliable equipment is a very important step when you open a restaurant or are looking to change out your old equipment. Ask your business associates for a recommendation for a used restaurant equipment dealer, and read reviews online or ask them for some names of customers they have sold equipment to. In your area, this is one of the best ways to find reliable equipment to buy. Look for product cleanliness, lack of dents, rust, and wear on the stove, refrigerator, freezer, fryers, or other equipment you are buying. You should also look for signs that the equipment was well maintained.

Remember that a majority of chefs, 8 out of every 10, began their careers in entry-level positions. Having high-quality equipment in your restaurant will help those just starting out to get accustomed to the equipment and pace of the restaurant much faster.

Look For Certification Labels

Check the used appliances you buy for certification labels to see if they have been inspected and maintained by the dealer. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratory, and they evaluate restaurant equipment in the United States and Canada for safety standards. They have a sanitation sticker for equipment that meets their standards. NFS labels on the equipment mean they meet rigorous safety testing for sanitation. This testing is due to the number of foodborne illnesses today, and so helps to prevent those from spreading. This label ensures a safe piece of equipment. The Energy Star logo means that your used restaurant equipment meets the energy-saving standards of the agency. It will save you money on electricity and water use.

Check For Warranties

Check to see if the dealer offers any warranty on repairing the used equipment. A limited or even one-year warranty can save you on expensive repairs that add up quickly. If there is no warranty, determine whether or not the price is worth the risk of buying it. Buying newer used restaurant equipment may be advisable in this case!

Find Out About Part Availability

Before buying, check online or with the dealer about the parts of the piece of equipment you are buying. A lack of parts can mean you may have to pay more or will not be able to fix the appliance when it breaks down. Again, the year it was manufactured may determine the availability of used parts. Newer used equipment is more likely to be a better choice.

Test the Equipment Before Buying

Inspect the equipment at the dealer and have the staff evaluate it and show you the features. You need to make sure it works well before buying it. You should also ask if the company you are buying the equipment from offers repair services, in case it arrives with a problem or breaks down not long after you start using it. This will give you peace of mind to know they can help repair equipment when it does not work.

Follow these tips to find well-used equipment for restaurants and foodservice venues. You want to purchase reliable equipment that contributes to the success of your business.