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According to the National Restaurant Association, there were 11,693 eating and drinking place locations in Tennessee in 2018. The restaurant industry remains a fundamental service within the state, creating at least 330,000 food service jobs, which is 11% of the employment in the state.

Suppliers are a critical part of any business operations. The quality of the restaurant supply or suppliers and the way you handle them can make or break your business. Cutting corners on quality may ruin your reputation while overpriced supplies will run you down before you set your doors open.

Here are five tips to help you pick out the right commercial kitchen supply store for your restaurant.

1. Identify Your Restaurant Supply Needs

The first step is to determine what you need within your establishment. You should research thoroughly to determine the restaurant supplies that you require to fulfill your operational responsibilities. Create a list of the different items needed-from cookware and furniture to table cloths and appliances. Remember that some non-perishable restaurant supplies may be a one-time purchase that will have a huge capital expense upfront.

2. Prioritize Quality

You may need to emphasize quality from your restaurant supply store. Commercial kitchens are forever busy, with some appliances running for up to ten hours in one shift. You will need durable, reliable and quality equipment to support your customer’s needs. Besides, compromising on the quality of simple items such as napkins, table cloths or utensils may put off your customers. Ensuring that the restaurant supply store only stocks quality products that can withstand the high output requirements of a commercial kitchen will save you a headache down the line.

3. Consider Cost

The purchase of the restaurant supplies is a considerable investment. You may need to keep in mind your initial capital and running budgets for your establishment. Shop around for restaurant supply stores in Memphis and request quotations for the items that you require. You can also inquire about available payment options. Some vendors may provide zero-interest financing with partner financiers, discounts on certain products, and lease options.

4. Product Variety And Availability

You should take time and assess all the commercial kitchen equipment that you require for your food business. The restaurant supply store that you pick should have the capacity to fulfill the orders for most of the items on your list. The sellers need to have a wider product variety, stocking your preferred brands and models. A limited inventory would also limit your options for the different commercial kitchen supplies needed.

5. Excellent Customer Service

You might want to consider choosing a restaurant supply store with proper communication channels. You may have to be in constant contact with the sales representatives to organize your order, delivery, installations, and maintenance requirements. Make sure to inquire about the warranty policies for the different appliances you have picked, too. Proper customer service can smoothen your experience with the company.

Picking the right restaurant supply store can be a daunting task. Whether you’re looking for commercial kitchen equipment, food processing supplies, or even janitorial products, it can sometimes feel like there are too many choices out there. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Are you looking for a restaurant supply store in Memphis, TN? Reach out to Lit Supply for the latest inventory of new and used restaurant equipment.