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Designing a food truck kitchen is similar to equipping a restaurant kitchen with commercial kitchen equipment. You must think about the design and the equipment you need. The design must include safety for customers and workers. The design of the kitchen will often depend on the type of menu you serve. Below we will cover what you need in a food truck kitchen.

Cabinets to Store Dry Goods, Paper, and Dishware

You will need cabinets to store paper or plastic plates, serving utensils, napkins, and cookware you use to cook and serve the food. You can store paper and plastic cups, pans, condiments, serving trays, paper towels, cleaning solutions, canned goods, and dry items like pasta and rice. Cabinets should be organized to store cleaning solutions and equipment in one area, serving supplies, dry and canned foods, and cooking equipment in another. Organization is the key to helping your food truck business run effectively.

Power Souce to Run the Equipment

Some food trucks plug into power sources in the location they are located or go to. Other food trucks use generators that power their cooking equipment, refrigeration, and ventilation. There are diesel and gas generators, liquefied petroleum gas, and solar power. Power is a major concern for commercial kitchen equipment that should be addressed before buying kitchen equipment.

Prep Area and Sinks

You will need countertops and a prep area to prepare food for your customers. Access to water for washing hands and sanitizing cooking utensils and pans will be another type of equipment you will need. You will need a sink and perhaps a dishwasher to clean the equipment. The prep area should be made of materials that are safe and durable for preparing food. Stainless steel is a good material for counters.

Stoves, Grills, and Refrigerators

Commercial kitchen equipment must be well ventilated and have access to electrical outlets and power. Your commercial kitchen may need a ranee, grill, microwave, griddles, flyers, char broiler, smokers, refrigerators, and freezers. You must research and choose the best equipment for your needs. Do you need warming and holding equipment to keep food warm or cold? A restaurant or foodservice supplier can help you choose the best equipment for your food truck.

Food truck businesses will increase by 12.1% over 2020, making them a good investment for restaurants and those wanting to invest in one. Good commercial kitchen equipment will help your food truck succeed. Why not call your local company to ?